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We spoke with a representative from Pacific Power today regarding the upcoming smart meter rollout. Here’s what we learned:

If you opt-out, you will be able to retain your rotary meter.

It’s advised to send an opt-out letter to Pacific Power to be put on their opt-out list. SEE THE SAMPLE OPT-OUT LETTER BELOW. You might also get something from them in the mail soon asking if you want to opt-out. You can also call them:


We were also advised that when you call, ask them how old your rotary meter is. Some of the ones in the Rogue Valley are 25 years old, or older. This will give you an idea of when you might be required to get a NON-RADIO-FREQUENCY METER.

If you opted out to keep your rotary meter, and it breaks, you will get non-radio frequency meter.

This is actually good news, because we were previously told everyone would lose their rotary meters. Perhaps they had so many people complaining that they have become a bit more reasonable.

The bad new is that you will have to pay to opt-out. The fees have been voted on and approved by the Oregon Pubic Utility Commission. If enough people call and write the PUC, perhaps the fees can be lowered. But as of now, the (outrageous) fees are:

$137 up front. This is a “deposit” against a possible future time when your meter needs to be replaced with a smart meter–likely because you moved.

Plus $37 per month, ongoing, to pay for the meter reader to come and read your meter.

After a particular area has had smart meters installed–or not–there will be a six-week interval before they activate them.

If you feel inspired to complain to the Oregon Public Utility Commission about the opt-out fees, here is their contact information:

P.O. BOX 1088
SALEM, OR 97308

PHONE: 1-800-522-2404

E-MAIL: puc.consumer@state.or.us


DATE: _____________________
To: Pacific Power
P.O. Box 26000
Portland, OR 97256-0001
FROM: _______________________
ADDRESS: ____________________________________________
ACCOUNT NUMBER: ______________________

Dear Pacific Power and all agents, officers, employees, contractors, and other interested parties:
This notice is to inform you that I want to OPT-OUT of the proposed smart meter installation currently scheduled for 2018.
Do NOT install a smart meter or other type of radio frequency electric meter at my home. These meters compromise my health and the health of my neighbors.
When the proposed rollout occurs, I specifically request that you
Installation and use of any radio frequency or activity-monitoring device is hereby refused.
Very truly yours,

Copy to:

Oregon Public Utility Commission
Consumer Services Section
P.O. Box 1088
Salem, OR 97308-1088

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There is a plethora of misleading information in the media about the issue of smart meters and the other sources of microwave/radio frequency technology that have taken over our society. Tom Clunie, D.C. is seeing more and more patients with health issues related to exposure to wi-fi, including cell towers, cell phones, wi-fi modems, and now the impending smart meter roll-out in Southern Oregon, CURRENTLY SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 2018.

The “Talent News & Review” published a letter in February regarding the dangers of smart meters. This was followed in March with a letter presenting an opposing opinion about how wonderful they are. Kudos to our local paper for presenting both sides of this important issue!

Here is a letter to the same paper written by one of Dr. Clunie’s patients–a woman who nearly died from exposure to a radio-frequency electric meter that was put on her house without her knowledge or permission.


* * *

This letter is in response to the rebuttal to the article about smart meters that appeared in the March issue. I am sure that the previous rebuttal is sincere and heartfelt, as is mine. My rebuttal is based on the belief that people should be free to choose how they wish to keep their homes safe for their children, their elderly, and themselves. I would ask that these thoughts be considered.
The writer from last month bases all his opinions on the “facts.” And whose facts would those be? Who benefits by the facts he values? Have these facts been developed outside of industry? Have they been tested outside of industry? Has he done any research on the Schumann frequency? What about the remarkable testing that Professor Wever performed in the 1950s, proving the health problems that develop when the frequency of living environments is altered? Prof. Wever’s experiments illustrated the importance of maintaining exposure to the earth’s frequency of 7.83 Hz., the frequency within which all life on earth has evolved. Even the astronauts are said to use a device that simulates the Schumann waves of 7.8hz while in space, in order to maintain their health. Must the inhabitants of this planet be exposed to RF frequency? Is there any advantage to the exposure?
Do we just ignore the research that has been done in the past and that is currently going on around the world? It is especially attractive for industry to ignore scientific research because it is so profitable for them to do so. Is it possible that society has been “re-educated” as to the “facts” that are acceptable? Do we discount the experiences of so many individuals who never asked to be the latest guinea pigs for industry? Humanity currently has worldwide exposure and unbelievable profits are being made at human expense. Doctors in Australia have seen the incidence of brain tumors jump by more than 50% in the past ten years, which they believe to be caused by cell phone use! Can independent testing and education prevent health problems such as this? Actually, this type of testing is going on around the world, but mostly in countries other than the U.S.
What kind of impacts will we be seeing if so-called Smart Meters are installed on our homes according to the industry program, thereby increasing our exposure enormously? Should we all just curl up and say, “Well, it is everywhere” and surrender to progress and let our nervous systems be microwaved for the benefit of profit?
What happens to those of us who have discovered to their heartbreak that the world we knew as a beautiful and healing place, has become so toxic with invisible waves that to survive we have to abandon our lives in it? If we are fortunate, we can find a place that is relatively free of these frequencies. If we manage to maintain safe frequency levels, allowing our bodies to heal, then all that is left is to create a new and different kind of life for ourselves outside of our familiar life. People around the world are being forced to leave their homes, families, friends, and jobs in search of sanity in our “wi-fried” world. Many are already dying from illnesses caused by radio-frequencies.
Must we ignore the signals from our bodies when they become dysfunctional, in pain and neurologically damaged so that we do not interfere with profit and progress? Heaven forbid that we should “regurgitate” our experiences and cause anyone discomfort in their “factual” experience of being addicted to industries fairytale of “facts,” wi-fi, and all that comes with it.
The “powers that be” i.e., the governments and corporations that are in control, have no problem condemning those who question their actions. It makes their quest for profit so much easier if they can ignore their fellow human’s experiences and castigate anyone who dares to question. How long did it take to ban DDT, lead additives, asbestos, and place warnings on cigarette packages. How much grief will humans need to suffer before they are protected from being microwaved alive?



We received the following correspondence from a concerned senior in Oregon. It illustrates quite clearly the dilemma we are all facing:


I just called Pacific Power and was informed I have to pay a several hundred dollars one time fee and a monthly fee to opt out from having a smart meter installed on my home. I am retired and on a fixed income and cannot afford any of these fees. Is there any grass roots movement or pending legislation to let ratepayers opt out of smart meters and not be punished financially by Pacific Power. I also called the Oregon Public Utility Commission and was told Pacific Power can legally charge the fees and I must pay them. HELP!!!


I’m sorry to say that we are all in the same (sinking) boat. Our original goal was to inform the public that the roll-out was coming, and in this regard we seem to have succeeded. However, at this point there is not much anyone can do to stop the rollout, which has been approved by federal and state government.

We live in a mobile home park, and I’m on a fixed income, too. So even if we opt-out and our two adjacent neighbors opt-out (we will have to pay the fees for one of them and for ourselves, also), we will have to move. But we have nowhere to go. What’s the point of opt-outing if there are 42 houses nearby with smart meters? The last we heard, the upfront fee is about $135 and then $35 per month to have a non-radio-frequency meter. As you so aptly illustrate by your letter many seniors can’t afford it. Also, we’ve heard that once you have a smart meter your monthly bill will go up, way up!

The good news is that the entire issue of radio/microwave frequencies is getting more and more attention as more people (including around the world) are getting sick. Locally, in the Rogue Valley, there has been good radio station coverage, so hopefully enough people will make enough noise to at least lower the fees. It’s outrageous that our health, finances, and general well-being can be so easily manipulated without our approval. We will continue to post updates to this website as we learn more.

Jessica Bryan & Tom Clunie, D.C.

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* * *

Sometime during the next few months of 2018, the citizens of Oregon will receive a two-week notice from Pacific Power that a “smart” or “radio-frequency” electric meter is going to be installed on their house or property.

You will be asked if you want to “opt-out” and get a NON-RADIO-FREQUENCY meter installed instead. There will be a one-time fee (approx. $135) and an additional fee of approx. $35 a month. WE URGE EVERYONE TO OPT-OUT. AND ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS TO OPT OUT. A sample generic form can be found elsewhere on this website.

This technology is very dangerous and the more it proliferates, the more likely we are all going to get sick. Some have compared it to smoking. For years we were told it was safe to smoke, and then people starting dying from it. One scientist, Dr. Martin Pall, has called wi-fi technology “a potential extinction event.”

Southern Oregon will be fully rolled-out by November 2018. Tom and I will be forced to move because we live in a mobile home park where there will be 40+ meters within a short distance from our home. Note, the signals from these meters go from 5 to 25 miles, depending on your location.

So we are looking at rural locations in Southern Oregon, where it will be easier to limit exposure. If you are wi-fi sensitive and you are interested in possibly creating a NO WI-FI REFUGE in Oregon with us, please let us know.
Jessica & Tom Clunie, D.C.

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Much of the information on our website come from the regular e-mail newsletters sent out by Raymond Paul Doyon, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.

In his most recent newsletter, Paul informs us of a new organization that aims to promote safer technology in our environment. Please see this comprehensive website for more information:


Thank you Paul, for all your hard work on our behalf!




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When you try to talk to your doctor or other health care professional about your sensitivity to EMFs do they dismiss your ailments as psychosomatic, tell you that you are crazy, and offer you drugs and surgery?

Recently I went to my eye doctor to inquire about a new prescription, only to find out that his office is filled with wi-fi, so much so that it registers in the red zone on my Cornet meter. My comments fell on deaf ears.

Further exploration led me to Dr. Kantor in Medford, who is still using traditional equipment and methods of testing eyes, rather than modern digital technology run on wi-fi (microwave frequency).

This dilemma also led me to a wonderful website that offers references and links to scientific articles published in professional journals related to the health problems caused by modern technology – including eye problems such as cataracts and vision loss. Hmm…why would I expose my aging eyes to more wi-fi in order to get better glasses?

I am very grateful to the folks who created this website. So if any doctor tries to tell you that you are crazy, look up your ailment and offer him or her the proof:


CORNET RF METER, electromagnetic fields, electrosensitivity, emf dangers, NON-RADIO FREQUENCY METERS IN ORDER, Oregon Smart Meters, radio frequency illness, radio frequency meters, SMART METER OPT-OUT IN OREGON, smart meters


We prefer the Cornet RF meter, which you can use to determine if you are in a radio-frequency that can harm you. WE ALWAYS RECOMMEND THAT NO MATTER WHAT, YOU SLEEP IN A “GREEN ZONE.”

We always recommend you purchase your meter from Josh at:


Before sending out new meters, Josh makes sure they are calibrated property. If they are calibrated at too low a sensitivity, you will be given a false positive. You will think you are safe in a “green zone” when in fact you are in a dangerous red zone.

It has come to our attention that other distributors are NOT calibrating meters before sending them to customers.

THEREFORE, we continue to recommend: www.stopsmartmeters.org

If you already have a Cornet meter, please read Tom’s instructions elsewhere on this website, so you can calibrate it yourself. The instructions from the company are very difficult to follow, so Tom has simplified them.

We derive no personal benefit from this endorsement, other than the fact that our fervent desire is to help people stay healthy and safe from dangerous microwave technology.

Jessica & Tom Clunie, D.C.
Ashland, Oregon

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October 22, 2017

Many of our readers know of our distrust of Pacific Power. This company has told us so many different “stories” about their intentions and plans, that until recently we have been uncertain just what is going on.

This changed, somewhat, last week.

A family living near us in Ashland, Oregon only recently found out they had been given a radio-frequency (i.e. microwave) meter without their direct knowledge of the possible consequences. Only after the woman became seriously ill with atrial fibrillation did they realize the new meter was one of the primary causes.

THE GOOD NEWS: After several confrontational conversations with Pacific Power, the meter was changed and they were given a NON-RADIO-FREQUENCY meter. When they tested it with their Cornet EMF measuring meter, they found out that it really does NOT put out dangerous radio-frequency pulses. This is the good news.

THE BAD NEWS: They were charged $130 for the new meter, and there will be an extra charge of $36 per month, ongoing. Fortunately, this family can afford the extra fee.

Okay, this might sound wonderful for people who own their own home, and the home is located away from their neighbors, like the family I just described. But what about those who live in close-proximity to homes that will receive the smart or radio-frequency meters? This is especially worrisome for seniors, the disabled, and low-income families that live in less expensive housing.

Posted below is an e-mail I received from a senior in Talent, Oregon. Note that we also live in a mobile home park and will be faced with the same dilemma:

Dear Jessica,

We live in Talent and sent an opt out letter to Pacific Power and the PUC, and received a semi-threatening letter saying that it will cost an additional $36 a month charge and a one time “punishment” fee of about $150 to opt out. I say it was a threatening letter because we and many of our neighbors cannot afford the monthly fee and the one time fee so are FORCED to accept this because we can’t afford to resist. This is coercion because many of us (we live in close-to-one another 55+ senior mobile home park) live in this mobile home park because we can’t afford anything else and we are older and sometimes incapable of fighting “city hall” or have been brought up or beat down to accept those in authority over us.

Not only is this an outrage to those that are now healthy or have enough money to buck it, but if you are like me I already am one of those people who are sensitive to everything, like noise, lights, vibrations, chemicals, and EMFs. We are your early warning canaries.

Some of us believe this is intentional, in order to make us ill and unable to think and reason or fight against large business’ encroachments on our health and free choice in order to make more money. I also strenuously object to laying off meter readers in order to foist more of the same on a struggling economy in Oregon. Not only that we are dealing with one monopoly which is Pacific Power, soon though if this goes through you might expect your water and gas meter to also become smart meters. Think about it.

This needs to stop, smart meters and those companies that are out to make us take them; this so wrong on so many levels. Thank you.

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Science is catching up in understanding the problems of EMF exposure, as shown in this article. Note the author talks about the theories of DR. MARTIN PALL, who will be speaking in Southern Oregon on September 16. See page above for details.


August 2017
RICHARD LEAR, Brown University

A new era of disease is fast emerging in the US. The 21st century model of chronic disease turns the old model upside down. The spotlight has long been on cancer and heart disease, which once were both growing exponentially. Now, among forty fast-growing diseases, the incidence of only three cancers and one cardio-vascular related condition are growing. In their place, four relatively new fast-growing disease groups have emerged: 1) neurological; 2) autoimmune; 3) inflammatory and 4) metabolic disease. A single molecule called peroxynitrite operates at the heart of more than forty fast-growing chronic diseases and conditions in the US. This fast-acting anion creates more than 130 biochemical disruptions in vivo. Among the most troubling is the nitration of L-tryptophan and L-tyrosine, which are precursors to critical neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Peroxynitrite also damages the blood brain barrier (BBB). Such biological markers are hallmarks of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, autism, bi-polar disorder and depression. The endogenous culprit – peroxynitrite – is well documented.

But what about the exogenous cause? There is now increasing evidence that our modern electrical environment is imposing biological stress on our bodies. Dr. Martin Pall’s voltage-gated ion theory provides evidence to support the connection. He cites two dozen studies that show microwaves from cell phones trigger the internal mechanism that creates an over-production of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite. The connection between the spectacular growth in the use of electronics and wireless technologies and the explosion of chronic disease is more than a simple correlation. Few are aware of the chronic disease epidemic that is going on right now in the US. Fewer still have heard of the peroxynitrite connection. Almost no one recognizes the crucial role that the cell phone in our pocket may be playing with our health. Yet our electrical environment has dramatically changed. And now electrical energy stands as the chief suspect driving this new era of disease in America.

Read full paper here:  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/319288113_A_New_Era_of_Chronic_Disease_in_America_and_what%27s_behind_it


Paul Raymond Doyon
Building Biology® Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS)
Serving the South San Francisco Bay Area (Santa Cruz, Monterey, and the Silicon Valley/San Jose Areas)

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