We’ve been engaged in an ongoing dialogue for over a year with Pacific Power about the proposed smart meter rollout in Oregon, and we have officially opted-out of having a smart meter placed on our home.

Two months ago, we were told we would be getting a radio frequency meter as part of the opt-out plan. Of course, these types of meters put out the same harmful microwave frequency as smart meters. Well…maybe at a lower strength, but they still cause a reaction in highly sensitive people.

So we wrote another letter. In response, the Oregon Public Utility Commission wrote informing us that we would be getting a NON-radio frequency digital meter when the rollout happens sometimes later this year or next. We were further informed that this type of meter would not adversely affect us.

At this point, we are not sure we can trust the safety of any new meter that is placed on our home. I guess we’ll have to wait until it happens. I’ve had my car packed with camping gear for sometime now, just in case I need to make a quick getaway to the wilderness.

We will keep you posted as to further developments!

TOTAL SHIELD: Based on the Tesla coil

We recently learned about a device called TOTAL SHIELD that interacts with EMFs, R.F. frequencies, and dirty electricity, etc. and renders these frequencies harmless. This device creates a Schumann Resonance, which is identical to the Earth’s natural field. We ordered one today. We also ordered a smaller model, the MINI-HARMONIZER, which can be carried around to protect a sensitive person when out in the world.

We purchased both devices from a very patient and informative man named Jules:



We will post an update as to our experience with these devices. It would a miracle to be able to go out in public again with my MINI HARMONIZER in my pocket and not get a headache!


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