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October 22, 2017

Many of our readers know of our distrust of Pacific Power. This company has told us so many different “stories” about their intentions and plans, that until recently we have been uncertain just what is going on.

This changed, somewhat, last week.

A family living near us in Ashland, Oregon only recently found out they had been given a radio-frequency (i.e. microwave) meter without their direct knowledge of the possible consequences. Only after the woman became seriously ill with atrial fibrillation did they realize the new meter was one of the primary causes.

THE GOOD NEWS: After several confrontational conversations with Pacific Power, the meter was changed and they were given a NON-RADIO-FREQUENCY meter. When they tested it with their Cornet EMF measuring meter, they found out that it really does NOT put out dangerous radio-frequency pulses. This is the good news.

THE BAD NEWS: They were charged $130 for the new meter, and there will be an extra charge of $36 per month, ongoing. Fortunately, this family can afford the extra fee.

Okay, this might sound wonderful for people who own their own home, and the home is located away from their neighbors, like the family I just described. But what about those who live in close-proximity to homes that will receive the smart or radio-frequency meters? This is especially worrisome for seniors, the disabled, and low-income families that live in less expensive housing.

Posted below is an e-mail I received from a senior in Talent, Oregon. Note that we also live in a mobile home park and will be faced with the same dilemma:

Dear Jessica,

We live in Talent and sent an opt out letter to Pacific Power and the PUC, and received a semi-threatening letter saying that it will cost an additional $36 a month charge and a one time “punishment” fee of about $150 to opt out. I say it was a threatening letter because we and many of our neighbors cannot afford the monthly fee and the one time fee so are FORCED to accept this because we can’t afford to resist. This is coercion because many of us (we live in close-to-one another 55+ senior mobile home park) live in this mobile home park because we can’t afford anything else and we are older and sometimes incapable of fighting “city hall” or have been brought up or beat down to accept those in authority over us.

Not only is this an outrage to those that are now healthy or have enough money to buck it, but if you are like me I already am one of those people who are sensitive to everything, like noise, lights, vibrations, chemicals, and EMFs. We are your early warning canaries.

Some of us believe this is intentional, in order to make us ill and unable to think and reason or fight against large business’ encroachments on our health and free choice in order to make more money. I also strenuously object to laying off meter readers in order to foist more of the same on a struggling economy in Oregon. Not only that we are dealing with one monopoly which is Pacific Power, soon though if this goes through you might expect your water and gas meter to also become smart meters. Think about it.

This needs to stop, smart meters and those companies that are out to make us take them; this so wrong on so many levels. Thank you.


  1. I just called Pacific Power and was informed I have to pay a several hundred dollars one time fee and a monthly fee to opt out from having a smart meter installed on my home. I am retired and on a fixed income and cannot afford any of these fees. Is there any grass roots movement or pending legislation to let ratepayers opt out of smart meters and not be punished financially by Pacific Power. I also called the Oregon Public Utility Commission and was told Pacific Power can legally charge the fees and I must pay them. HELP!!!


    1. Dear Carl, I’m sorry to say that we are all in the same boat. Our original goal was to inform the public that this was coming, and in this regard we seem to have succeeded. However, at this point there is not much anyone can do to stop the roll-out, which has been approved by federal and state government.
      We live in a mobile home park, and I’m on a fixed income, too. So even if we opt-out and our two adjacent neighbors opt-out (we will have to pay the fees for one of them and ourselves), we will have to move. But we have nowhere to go. What’s the point of opt-outing if there are 42 houses nearby with smart meters? The last we heard, the upfront fee is about $135 and then $35 per month to have a non-radio-frequency meter, and many seniors can’t afford it. Also, we’ve heard that once you have a smart meter your monthly bill will go up, way up!
      The good news is that the entire issue of radio/microwave frequencies is getting more and more attention as more people (around the world) are getting sick. Locally, in the Rogue Valley, there has been good radio station coverage, so hopefully enough people will make enough noise to at least lower the fees. It’s outrageous that our health, finances, and general well-being can be so easily manipulated without our approval. We will continue to post to this website as we learn more.


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