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Sometime during the next few months of 2018, the citizens of Oregon will receive a two-week notice from Pacific Power that a “smart” or “radio-frequency” electric meter is going to be installed on their house or property.

You will be asked if you want to “opt-out” and get a NON-RADIO-FREQUENCY meter installed instead. There will be a one-time fee (approx. $135) and an additional fee of approx. $35 a month. WE URGE EVERYONE TO OPT-OUT. AND ASK YOUR NEIGHBORS TO OPT OUT. A sample generic form can be found elsewhere on this website.

This technology is very dangerous and the more it proliferates, the more likely we are all going to get sick. Some have compared it to smoking. For years we were told it was safe to smoke, and then people starting dying from it. One scientist, Dr. Martin Pall, has called wi-fi technology “a potential extinction event.”

Southern Oregon will be fully rolled-out by November 2018. Tom and I will be forced to move because we live in a mobile home park where there will be 40+ meters within a short distance from our home. Note, the signals from these meters go from 5 to 25 miles, depending on your location.

So we are looking at rural locations in Southern Oregon, where it will be easier to limit exposure. If you are wi-fi sensitive and you are interested in possibly creating a NO WI-FI REFUGE in Oregon with us, please let us know.
Jessica & Tom Clunie, D.C.

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