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There is a plethora of misleading information in the media about the issue of smart meters and the other sources of microwave/radio frequency technology that have taken over our society. Tom Clunie, D.C. is seeing more and more patients with health issues related to exposure to wi-fi, including cell towers, cell phones, wi-fi modems, and now the impending smart meter roll-out in Southern Oregon, CURRENTLY SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 2018.

The “Talent News & Review” published a letter in February regarding the dangers of smart meters. This was followed in March with a letter presenting an opposing opinion about how wonderful they are. Kudos to our local paper for presenting both sides of this important issue!

Here is a letter to the same paper written by one of Dr. Clunie’s patients–a woman who nearly died from exposure to a radio-frequency electric meter that was put on her house without her knowledge or permission.


* * *

This letter is in response to the rebuttal to the article about smart meters that appeared in the March issue. I am sure that the previous rebuttal is sincere and heartfelt, as is mine. My rebuttal is based on the belief that people should be free to choose how they wish to keep their homes safe for their children, their elderly, and themselves. I would ask that these thoughts be considered.
The writer from last month bases all his opinions on the “facts.” And whose facts would those be? Who benefits by the facts he values? Have these facts been developed outside of industry? Have they been tested outside of industry? Has he done any research on the Schumann frequency? What about the remarkable testing that Professor Wever performed in the 1950s, proving the health problems that develop when the frequency of living environments is altered? Prof. Wever’s experiments illustrated the importance of maintaining exposure to the earth’s frequency of 7.83 Hz., the frequency within which all life on earth has evolved. Even the astronauts are said to use a device that simulates the Schumann waves of 7.8hz while in space, in order to maintain their health. Must the inhabitants of this planet be exposed to RF frequency? Is there any advantage to the exposure?
Do we just ignore the research that has been done in the past and that is currently going on around the world? It is especially attractive for industry to ignore scientific research because it is so profitable for them to do so. Is it possible that society has been “re-educated” as to the “facts” that are acceptable? Do we discount the experiences of so many individuals who never asked to be the latest guinea pigs for industry? Humanity currently has worldwide exposure and unbelievable profits are being made at human expense. Doctors in Australia have seen the incidence of brain tumors jump by more than 50% in the past ten years, which they believe to be caused by cell phone use! Can independent testing and education prevent health problems such as this? Actually, this type of testing is going on around the world, but mostly in countries other than the U.S.
What kind of impacts will we be seeing if so-called Smart Meters are installed on our homes according to the industry program, thereby increasing our exposure enormously? Should we all just curl up and say, “Well, it is everywhere” and surrender to progress and let our nervous systems be microwaved for the benefit of profit?
What happens to those of us who have discovered to their heartbreak that the world we knew as a beautiful and healing place, has become so toxic with invisible waves that to survive we have to abandon our lives in it? If we are fortunate, we can find a place that is relatively free of these frequencies. If we manage to maintain safe frequency levels, allowing our bodies to heal, then all that is left is to create a new and different kind of life for ourselves outside of our familiar life. People around the world are being forced to leave their homes, families, friends, and jobs in search of sanity in our “wi-fried” world. Many are already dying from illnesses caused by radio-frequencies.
Must we ignore the signals from our bodies when they become dysfunctional, in pain and neurologically damaged so that we do not interfere with profit and progress? Heaven forbid that we should “regurgitate” our experiences and cause anyone discomfort in their “factual” experience of being addicted to industries fairytale of “facts,” wi-fi, and all that comes with it.
The “powers that be” i.e., the governments and corporations that are in control, have no problem condemning those who question their actions. It makes their quest for profit so much easier if they can ignore their fellow human’s experiences and castigate anyone who dares to question. How long did it take to ban DDT, lead additives, asbestos, and place warnings on cigarette packages. How much grief will humans need to suffer before they are protected from being microwaved alive?

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