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June 6, 2018:

We were genuinely surprised to read Tom Clunie’s letter to the editor in the Mail-Tribune newspaper this week. Two years ago, the editor refused to print our letters, citing “lack of scientific evidence” as to the damage caused by smart meters and other wi-fi/microwave-emitting devices. Here’s Tom’s letter:


The Talent smart meter town hall did not go well for Pacific Power (“PP”). Electrical engineer Bill Bathgate refuted most of what PP said.

PP claimed their meters send signals only four times a day. Bill said upwards of 190,000 times per day. PP said their meters were “safe.” Bill countered that the meters are not grounded against power surges and will cause fires and explosions, as they already have elsewhere. When people brought up health concerns about pulsating microwaves in their home 24/7, PP dismissed them with, “Our stack of scientific assurances neutralizes your stack of scientific warnings.”

Bill stated our electric bills will go up because the new meters will charge us for stray voltage as well as running the meter itself. Bill said that if had brought such a defective meter to his boss during his career [as an electrical engineer] he would have been fired.

If we “opt-out,” PP intends to charge us $137 initially and $36 monthly to extort us into compliance. PP failed to demonstrate any benefit whatsoever to their customers. These meters are a health, privacy, ecological, and financial catastrophe. Just say “no!” to “smart” meters.

Tom Clunie, Ashland, Oregon

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