Jessica is Taking Time Off from Managing this Website

I am taking time off and will not be managing this site for a while. So much is happening with regard to smart meters in Oregon that I can’t keep up.

For up-to-date information, please see:

2 thoughts on “Jessica is Taking Time Off from Managing this Website”

  1. 8 miles north of Thermopolis wy. November 16, 2018 high plains power put different smart meters on both my homes and others in area. Thumping in my head was constant and cognitive skills failing when I went to ER. Vitals, CAT scan, bloodwork all normal but they had my get MRI of brain next day. MRI normal results. Was told it’s tinnitus and dr. Recommended neurologist. The flocks of birds that use to come finish off the winter berries as well as a screeching hawk and owl have not came. In fact NOT A BIRD in site . Neighbors also realized the birds are gone. I was told I cant have my old meter back. So I drive away to feel better


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