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There is a frightening plan to blast every cellphone in the country with a message from the president. It appears to be a system similar to the Amber Alert, only in this case it’s to let everyone know a catastrophe is about to hit the entire U.S.

We must tell everyone who is sensitive to wi-fi about this early warning test, now scheduled for October 3. Some wi-fi sensitive people could be severely affected if all the cellphones and towers go off at the same time.



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Did you neglect to opt-out of having a “smart meter” put on your home because the fees imposed were unaffordable? This is to let you know that in addition to the health problems you might develop because of your new meter, your bill is most likely going to go up anyway.

NOTE: The original $137 fee proposed by Pacific Power has been eliminated, although the $36 monthly fee for keeping your old meter still applies. At least that’s what the company is saying now.

That said, we want to share the following letter to the editor printed in the Mail Tribune on September 9:


Why does Pacific Power want to exploit the senior citizens and the disabled with the new smart meters? I just got my bill for the month for $625.26!

I had my smart meter installed and didn’t figure I would have a $221.96 delivery charge or a block 2 supply energy charge for $302.60 and block 1 charge of $59.06, not to mention a public purpose charge of $17.79, whatever that is. There were also a conservation charge of $17.32 and various dam removal charges.

What is going on? My 1,100-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath house is averaging $267 per month already! When is enough enough, and the elderly, single parents with children and those of us on a fixed income going to stop getting ripped of?

Pacific Power Customer
Medford, Oregon