We received the following correspondence from a concerned senior in Oregon. It illustrates quite clearly the dilemma we are all facing:


I just called Pacific Power and was informed I have to pay a several hundred dollars one time fee and a monthly fee to opt out from having a smart meter installed on my home. I am retired and on a fixed income and cannot afford any of these fees. Is there any grass roots movement or pending legislation to let ratepayers opt out of smart meters and not be punished financially by Pacific Power. I also called the Oregon Public Utility Commission and was told Pacific Power can legally charge the fees and I must pay them. HELP!!!


I’m sorry to say that we are all in the same (sinking) boat. Our original goal was to inform the public that the roll-out was coming, and in this regard we seem to have succeeded. However, at this point there is not much anyone can do to stop the rollout, which has been approved by federal and state government.

We live in a mobile home park, and I’m on a fixed income, too. So even if we opt-out and our two adjacent neighbors opt-out (we will have to pay the fees for one of them and for ourselves, also), we will have to move. But we have nowhere to go. What’s the point of opt-outing if there are 42 houses nearby with smart meters? The last we heard, the upfront fee is about $135 and then $35 per month to have a non-radio-frequency meter. As you so aptly illustrate by your letter many seniors can’t afford it. Also, we’ve heard that once you have a smart meter your monthly bill will go up, way up!

The good news is that the entire issue of radio/microwave frequencies is getting more and more attention as more people (including around the world) are getting sick. Locally, in the Rogue Valley, there has been good radio station coverage, so hopefully enough people will make enough noise to at least lower the fees. It’s outrageous that our health, finances, and general well-being can be so easily manipulated without our approval. We will continue to post updates to this website as we learn more.

Jessica Bryan & Tom Clunie, D.C.



We’ve been engaged in an ongoing dialogue for over a year with Pacific Power about the proposed smart meter rollout in Oregon, and we have officially opted-out of having a smart meter placed on our home.

Two months ago, we were told we would be getting a radio frequency meter as part of the opt-out plan. Of course, these types of meters put out the same harmful microwave frequency as smart meters. Well…maybe at a lower strength, but they still cause a reaction in highly sensitive people.

So we wrote another letter. In response, the Oregon Public Utility Commission wrote informing us that we would be getting a NON-radio frequency digital meter when the rollout happens sometimes later this year or next. We were further informed that this type of meter would not adversely affect us.

At this point, we are not sure we can trust the safety of any new meter that is placed on our home. I guess we’ll have to wait until it happens. I’ve had my car packed with camping gear for sometime now, just in case I need to make a quick getaway to the wilderness.

We will keep you posted as to further developments!

TOTAL SHIELD: Based on the Tesla coil

We recently learned about a device called TOTAL SHIELD that interacts with EMFs, R.F. frequencies, and dirty electricity, etc. and renders these frequencies harmless. This device creates a Schumann Resonance, which is identical to the Earth’s natural field. We ordered one today. We also ordered a smaller model, the MINI-HARMONIZER, which can be carried around to protect a sensitive person when out in the world.

We purchased both devices from a very patient and informative man named Jules:



We will post an update as to our experience with these devices. It would a miracle to be able to go out in public again with my MINI HARMONIZER in my pocket and not get a headache!