CORNET METERS: Knowledge is Power


Anyone with electrosensitivity or problems with microwave radio frequencies (R.F.) needs a Cornet RF Field Strength Power Meter, Tri-mode ED88T. This meter can be carried with you everywhere you go, so you can determine the level of wi-fi or dirty electricity anywhere, indoors or out.

Note there are other similar meters for sale at varying prices. We recommend the Cornet because it’s the type of meter we bought when we first realized we had a problem with R.F. and we know it works. Having this meter has changed our lives for the better. We bought our meters at They are currently on sale for $169. According to Josh, who manages the site, there is a new model of the Cornet that has been improved. It’s easier to read and the buttons are bigger.

The Cornet ED88T meter has a graph with numbers showing the level of microwave radio frequencies in the environment. These are also shown with red, yellow, or green lights — with green being wi-fi-free. The easiest way to use this meter is press the “Power” button and turn on the lights. Obviously, you don’t want to stay in a red zone for very long!

For example, using my Cornet meter I know I can spend up to 30 minutes at the library — wearing a hat I lined with silver impregnated cloth purchased from — before I get a headache and become dizzy. The library is in the mid-yellow zone. It’s not an easy way to live, but it protects me from an “overdose” of harmful radiation that can put me in bed for several days. I also know which grocery stores are easier to handle than others. Ironically, Wal-Mart is almost totally a “green” zone, unless there are lots of people with cell phones turned on in their pockets.


There is much to say on the subject of shielding; this will be addressed in another new page, soon to come.

Many people think their home is a safe zone because they have wired Internet and telephones. However, the neighbors on all sides of them might be using wi-fi modems. There might already be a Smart Meter on the wall on the other side of where they sleep. As a result, those who think they are safe cannot sleep at night and eventually become ill with other symptoms. We know this to be true, because we have many patients in our holistic health care office in this type of situation. Given that these frequencies cannot be seen, it is very difficult to protect yourself. With a meter, such as the Cornet meter, you will always know how your environment is affecting you.

The Cornet meters sold by are sold properly calibrated. You can change the level of sensitivity yourself, but the directions that come with the meters are hard to understand and written in small print, so Dr. Clunie offers these instructions. Note your meter will also come with an instruction sheet from Josh at


This meter measures 1) wireless microwave 2) electromagnetic fields and 3) electric fields. There are two scales/screens for #2 above, 1-600 and 1-30 milligause, the latter being just the first portion of the 1-600 scale, and it gives you a more sensitive reading. I use the 1-600 to gage how far high-powered electric lines reach. I haven’t found a practical use for #3 yet.


The sensitivity settings of these meters goes from 5 to 20. If you buy your meter from Josh at the level will be set properly before he sends your meter. We also advise that you order a lithium battery and recharger from Josh when you order your meter. Regular 9-volt throwaway batteries seem to run down really quickly.

* * *

PERSONAL NOTE FROM JESSICA: I use my meter primarily for measuring radio frequencies. For some unknown reason, the R.F. function on my meter did not seem to be working properly. I found out for sure by standing next to a cell tower (briefly) to test it. The meter showed I was in the green zone, which obviously I was not! This alerted me to the fact that the sensitivity level needed to be reset. Also, we had a patient who bought a Cornet meter from an unknown distributor. She thought she was safely in a green zone but she wasn’t, because her meter was set at the lowest possible level. The seller had not calibrated it properly before shipping!

* * *

If you need to calibrate the microwave (R.F.) setting or it won’t work. Here’s how:

The Power button turns it on and off. When turning it on, you will see the lights indicating how much radio frequency is present in your environment. The round, brown button immediately below the power button is the MODE button and the one below that is the HOLD button.

Turn the power on. It lights up for 15 seconds and then goes into dim battery-saving mode, but it is much easier to set the settings if the light remains on, so:


Wait for the light to dim in 15 seconds, then
Tap (press and release) HOLD, then MODE, then HOLD again
The dim screen will light up


1) Press and continue holding down HOLD while you Tap MODE
Then release HOLD and the menu screen will pop up.

Tap MODE to scroll down to #1 and then tap HOLD to set the microwave scale to “mW/m2” (my preference, yours might vary)

Then tap MODE to scroll down to #2 and then tap hold until you arrive at -20, the most sensitive setting for microwave measuring (recommended)

Then tap mode again to scroll down to SAVE at the bottom and then tap HOLD to save the new settings

Tap mode again and you are back at the top of the screen at exit, tap hold again and you are out of menu and back to normal operations.

Whenever you turn on the meter, it automatically always goes to the microwave (MHZ) first.

Tap MODE and the screen goes to 1-600 milligause (LF600).

Tap MODE again the screen goes to the 1-30 milligause (LF30).

Tap MODE again and it goes to E FIELD (electric)

– Tap MODE again and you are back to microwave

On the right side of your screen is a lighted scale that goes from green (low) to yellow (medium/warning) to red (avoid- leave as soon as possible).


Your meter will make a high pitched sound with microwave only. There is so much microwave everywhere I haven’t found it very directional or useful, but perhaps you can find a use for the sound setting.

There are two ways to get sound:

1) Turn your Cornet on, and while the screen is lighted, tap HOLD and then MODE. The screen will dim, and if there is microwave present you will hear the sound.

2) When the meter is in microwave with a dim screen, tap HOLD, then tap MODE (screen lights up), then tap MODE again and the screen goes dim and you will hear the sound if there is microwave present.


The greatest feature of this meter is its microwave function – it could literally save your health.

Tom Clunie, D.C.,
Jessica Bryan