August 21, 2017

The following was posted today on the Facebook page for “Green Bank EHS Community.” This page is a good resource for up-to-date information for people who are thinking of moving to Green Bank to avoid microwave radiation.



Green Bank has a number of people in the greater community who have decided to use wi-fi. Often it isn’t even the fault of our neighbors but really with the phone company that installs the “nternet for them and then gives them a wifi modem. Add to that, those who have DECT phones, baby monitors, handheld wireless devices, and you get some streets that are a little difficult to travel. There are also many people who live here and work out of town where there are cell towers 40 minutes away. Often when they come back to town, they don’t bother to turn off their phone, even though it doesn’t get a signal. With that being said, I would still consider this place safer than other places we’ve lived. There are plenty of pockets tucked away into the mountains where there are no neighbors, and it feels spectacular! Taking a walk through the mossy forest here is pure heaven. On a side note, Green Bank is really ground zero for the telescope and has the most restrictions, however, Arbovale and Dunmore (just one town to the north and south of Green Bank) feels amazing. I don’t regret moving here at all. I can live again

PREVIOUS POST from the same Facebook page

Many people with Electrical Hypersensitivity or EHS are visiting, moving, and asking questions about Green Bank. General Information:
Before coming here, try to have a plan in mind. It is a good idea to bring a phone card with you. There are several pay phones in town.
If you are really ill please try to have some one come with you to help with your needs.
If camping, bring your tent and accessories. This area is remote, for example the nearest Walmart is an hour and a half away. It is important to think ahead of what you might need once here.
You will find nice people with EHS here who try to assist and give great moral support.
Getting to Green Bank to live takes everything you have. It takes strength and will power. All of us who have done it went through the same thing. Every one here has an incredible story to tell. It is possible.

The two difficulties here are over head power lines (that are old) and Wifi. Wifi is prohibited, but ignored and not presently enforced. In Green Bank area there are no cell towers, no smart meters, no cable hot spots, and RF in general is much less so it feels much better with the load off of us.

Marlinton, the county seat for Pocahontas County is 35 miles south and does have one cell tower for AT&T only. Same with the Ski Resort called Snowshoe, one tower for AT&T and about 35 miles away.
Marlinton has restaurants, courthouse, grocery store, drug store, hardware store, etc.

If looking to relocate here it is best to settle near Green Bank, as close to the telescope as possible, but avoiding neighbors who could have Wifi. In town Wifi is in most every home and every business.

Lodging we have found helpful, (but things can change. Call them and ask questions):

The Inn at Mountain Quest:
Alex and David are sweet people who are empathetic to our situation. They turn off the Wifi at night and work very hard to accommodate your sensitivity.

Seneca State Park:
They have cabins and camping spots, along with amenities. See site for prices.

The Allegheny Lodge:
It is about 30 miles south of Green Bank.

There are other locations in this area to camp, but more rustic.

If you want to meet up with other’s with EHS, most meet up at the Green Bank Library in the afternoons during the week. There is no Wifi in this building.

White Oak Village is a camp ground just south of Green Bank on 92. They have a laundry facility and showers for a small price. Wifi in this location.

Food & Shopping in Green Bank:
There is a small cafe at the convenience store/gas station called Henry’s.
There is a food corner style cafe at the Observatory.
There is a Dollar Store
Trent’s Grocery Store: a small store just north of the Observatory in the tiny town of Arbovale.