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“THE DEPLOYMENT” (of Smart Meters)

We received a letter from the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC), dated August 2, 2018, about the upcoming meeting on August 14 regarding the deployment of smart meters. The PUC’s use of the word “deployment” in their letter seems somewhat strange, as this word is often used to describe military operations, but given the stealth with which these dangerous meters have been forced on the public perhaps it’s not so strange after all.

LACK OF NOTICE AND INFORMED CONSENT: In a prior letter from Pacific Power (PP) to the PUC, dated January 4, 2017, PP states, in part: “To help support a smoother transition for the Company [PP] and its customers during smart meter installation … customers … will not receive notice prior to the installation.” (This statement appeared on PP’s website, but it might have been erased by now). This obvious deception on the part of PP is extremely offensive, in that citizens living in a free society have the guaranteed right to informed consent. We note, however, that you gave customers notice by letter approximately two weeks’ notice to opt-out. Unfortunately, no valid education and awareness could be achieved in this short period of time.

MORATORIUM: The deployment of smart meters should be stopped immediately to allow time for further study, public education, and public input.

ELIMINATE OPT-OUT FEES OR LOWER THEM SIGNIFICANTLY: The fees proposed by PP for Southern Oregon are outrageous. There are no fees in Eugene and the fees for PP’s Northern California customers are significantly lower. We heard recently that the extra fees are needed to blow up dams and promote electric cars. How can you sleep at night, when you are willing to inflict such a “tax” on electric consumers, especially seniors and the disabled, who cannot afford to pay the fees?

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I am highly sensitive to radio/microwave frequencies—as are many of Dr. Clunie’s patients and thousands of others, worldwide. I get sick when I am exposed for more than 15-20 minutes to radio frequency radiation, including from cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi modems, and smart meters, etc. I can control my exposure most of the time, but the assault from smart meters is constant and unavoidable 24/7. They are a horrible invasion of personal privacy and the basic human right to peaceful existence. We live in a mobile home park, so even though we opted-out we are surrounded by these meters, and I am unable to go out of the house for more than a few minutes—which is not long enough to pull the ever-increasing weeds in our backyard!

WELCOME TO THE “WAR ZONE”: At 11:30 p.m., a few nights after the meters were installed, I opened my bedroom window and looked out. At that moment, a pulse of microwave/radio frequency radiation from the neighboring smart meters came through the window and aluminum screening and hit me in the face. This pulse caused a reaction that felt like an electrical or chemical burn. It was as though I had been “shot” with a gun. My skin turned red instantly and began to burn and itch. This lasted all night and the next day. It was like being in a war zone and I was terrified.

SAFETY: PP has stated repeatedly that the levels of microwave/radio frequency radiation emitted by smart meters are safe. These false statements are based on 50-year-old thermal studies that ignore thousands of more recent studies proving biological harm at vastly lower levels. Note we are in the process of compiling scientific studies from around the world proving the dangers of microwave radiation, and we will forward them soon at your request.

In addition to being told that smart meters are completely safe, we have been told they will save us money. These falsehoods have yet to be verified. We do not believe the propaganda being shoved down our throats, and we absolutely and unequivocally do NOT consent to deployment of smart meters in Oregon, ever.

How can human beings be expected to live under such conditions? Must those of us who are sensitive live like caged animals, or commit suicide when we can no longer stand the assault from our electric meters? There are thousands of people like me around the world who are electro-sensitive, and I implore you to study this issue in depth to learn the truth about how you are contributing to the misery of humanity.

THE ISSUE OF VIOLENCE: In addition to inflaming the tissues of the human body and causing disease, microwave/radio frequency radiation inflames the emotions, causing irritation and anger. We believe the increase in violence in our country and around the world is a direct result of the escalation of these technologies.

RESPONSIBILITY: We hereby hold every individual who works for the Oregon Public Utility Commission, Pacific Power, and the lawmakers in the State of Oregon personally responsible for the misery you are inflicting on Oregonians. The damage caused by microwave/radio frequency radiation accumulates over time, and there is more and more of it in our environment. At some point in the not-so-distant future—when there is an epidemic of cancer and other diseases caused by humanity’s addiction to smart phones, and there are smart meters on the wall of every building, remember that you were warned. From my point of view, anyone who supports the infliction of smart or R.F. electric meters on the citizens of Oregon is a criminal, and one day we will all pay dearly with our health, and the health of those we love.

Jessica Bryan and Tom Clunie, D.C.

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We received a call this week from someone in Mt. Shasta, California. Evidently, Pacific Power gave customers ONE DAY’S NOTICE to opt-out or they would get a Smart Meter without their knowledge. We feel this is outrageous and so do the citizens of Mt. Shasta. The friend who called told us that she managed to opt-out in the one-day time period, but they installed a Smart Meter at her home anyway! She has a small child and a new baby. They promised to come and remove it, but after several days, it remains. She has covered it with layers of aluminum foil, but we doubt this is enough to shield her and her family.

Many people do not realize that Pacific Power’s roll-out extends to much of Northern California–and it’s happening now. Here’s a link to a map from Pacific Power’s website showing the roll-out area:



We also heard on Bill Meyer’s radio show this morning about a woman who lives in Fresno, California. She has a Smart Meter. (Bill’s show is on around 8:00 a.m. here:KMED 1440 a.m. in Southern Oregon)

It’s been over 100 degrees in her area, and yesterday her air-conditioner suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason.

She called her electric company and was told: “We have to turn off your air-conditioner” every day from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to conserve power.”

This was news to us. Evidently they are able to come into a person’s home via programming the customer’s Smart Meter, identify the appliances a person is using, and turn them on or off, at their discretion?

How much more has to happen before there is a major uprising of the public demanding their Constitutional and God-Given right to freedom from oppression, the pursuit of happiness, and the right to live peacefully in their own homes?

Not to mention the outrageously high opt-out fees that should be considered illegal.

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As most of our readers know, they are currently installing smart meters in the Rogue Valley. You also know they are a horrible invasion into personal privacy and the basic human right to a peaceful existence. Tom and I live in a mobile home park, so even though we opted-out (in spite of the illegal fees), we are surrounded by the new meters.

I am highly sensitive to radiowave/microwave frequencies, more so than Tom. We hired Eric Windham, an EMF expert from Sacramento, to evaluate our home in terms of exposure and shielding. As a result, Tom put large pieces of aluminum screening over all the windows and doors. This method is working, almost. We are safe in the house, but not outside.

The big issue is that we do not know when the meters are going to pulse or at what strength. Most of the pulses have been on the lower scale. However, they are not all low. For example:

Last night at 11:30 p.m., I opened my bedroom window and looked out. Just at that moment, a burst/pulse of “something wi-fi” came through the shielding screen and hit me in the face. It’s hard to describe, but it felt like I received an electrical or chemical burn to my skin, which started burning and itching. This lasted through the next day.

Along with the burst/pulse, there was a horrible smell that can only be described as “burning metal.” We don’t know if this was because the smart meter pulse hit the screening, or if it came from the actual meter. This part of the experience made me think of “Dante’s Inferno” or “the fires of hell.”

How can human beings be expected to live under such conditions? Must those of us who are sensitive live like caged animals?

AND SPEAKING OF ANIMALS: One of our cats seems to be going crazy since the meters were put up. Normally rather lazy, he is running around with a wild look in his eyes. He has also started biting us and threatening our older cat.

As you know, smart meters have been known to catch fire and even burn down houses. Many people, including us, firmly believe this was a factor in the Santa Rosa area fires last year. I thought of this as I nursed my burning face.

We’ve read that the U.S. military is experimenting with weapons based on this technology. I even read one article about how the military received permission to “practice” on animals on the Olympic Peninsula! Personally, I feel like I am already a victim. Oh dear, am I getting paranoid that I am being targeted? Maybe.

Then, today, the Mail Tribune had a story about how great it will be that we will be able log-in and view our electric bill. Is this all they can come up with to counter the horrors of smart meters?

For all the obvious readings, we are actively looking for a reasonably priced place to live off-grid, or on, within driving distance of Ashland. We are open to any and all suggestions!