OPT-OUT LETTER for Smart and Radio Frequency Meters

Pacific Power and other Oregon electric companies are currently installing smart and radio frequency meters. They expect the roll-out of these harmful meters to be completed sometime in 2018.

Pacific Power customers are allowed to OPT-OUT. However, to date, we do not know with 100% certainty that NON-RADIO FREQUENCY meters will be used, even though they have assured us they will.

Pacific Power employees have given us conflicting information with regard to keeping your analog meter. Some say customers can keep them; some say they cannot and all analog meters will be destroyed. FIGHT FOR YOUR ANALOG METER! If enough customers refuse they will have to listen.

Some customers of Pacific Power in Southern Oregon have had radio frequency meters installed already without their knowledge. They find out only after they start getting sick, and that’s the lucky ones. Some get sicker and sicker and, after spending a fortune on medical care, still don’t know it’s the meter on their home.

To make things even worse, when they try to call Pacific Power to complain they find out they will have to PAY to have the meter they didn’t ask for removed. We know of five families who have gone through this, and each one was told a different price. We have heard $300 to change the meter and $40 a month to pay forever! Lately, it’s $135 and $35 a month. We would like to know what is going on, but every time we contact Pacific Power and/or the Oregon Public Utility Commission we are told a different story.

In spite of all the uncertainty, we urge you to send an opt-out letter to Pacific Power. Don’t wait until a smart or R.F. meter is installed. SEE BELOW FOR AN OPT-OUT LETTER.

We also suggest that you inform everyone you know about what’s going to happen, especially those with children, the elderly, and the health-compromised.


DATE: _____________________

To: Pacific Power
P.O. Box 26000
Portland, OR 97256-0001
FROM: _______________________
ADDRESS: ____________________________________________
ACCOUNT NUMBER: ______________________

Dear Pacific Power and all agents, officers, employees, contractors, and other interested parties:

This notice is to inform you that I want to OPT-OUT of the proposed smart meter installation currently scheduled for 2018.

Do NOT install a smart meter or other type of radio frequency electric meter at my home. These meters compromise my health and the health of my neighbors.
When the proposed rollout occurs, I specifically request that you

Installation and use of any radio frequency or activity-monitoring device is hereby refused.

Very truly yours,

Copy to:

Oregon Public Utility Commission
Consumer Services Section
P.O. Box 1088
Salem, OR 97308-1088