There is science and then there is “junk” science. Junk science has the trappings of genuine science but it is most commonly perverted to arrive at pre-decided conclusions most beneficial to commercial interests. A few examples are the “wonderful” benefits of thalidomide, Vioxx, and more recently statin drugs. Unfortunately, our “watchdog” government has for too long been largely compromised by “the military-industrial-complex” that president Eisenhower warned us about.

So what does non-government/industry science say about microwaves? There are literally thousands of studies documenting the harmful effects of microwave radiation – DNA splitting, enzyme(s) depletion, red blood cell clumping, increased stress hormones, decreased melatonin production, to name only a few of documentable, quantifiable, repeatable studies. One researcher, George Carlo, was hired by the industry to prove how “safe” microwave technology was, and after he completed his studies he changed his opinion and wrote a book about it: Cell Phones-Invisible hazards in the Wireless Age. An excellent website about this is:

See also this book by Martin Blank: Overpowered

Studies show that microwave radiation sickness is dose and accumulation related, akin to cigarette smoking. Immediate symptoms include headaches, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, mental spaciness, to name just a few. There is a documentable increase in cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart problems, diabetes, and birth defects with increased wi-fi exposure. A very interesting video on this topic on You Tube by Rob States, an electrical engineer is:

Most importantly, once a person has become sensitized and has symptoms of Radiation Sickness, little can be done other than to avoid further exposure, although some people believe making sure you get enough electroyles (including potassium) can mitigate symptoms. It is also interesting to note that under the Salzburg standards no more than 1 microwatt of transmitted radio frequency radiation (wireless technology) per meter is recommended. Yet, in the U.S., 1,000 microwatts are allowed. Cell phones taking a call have been measured transmitting over 2,000 microwatts per meter squared at ten feet away.

So, despite the assurances of the electrical power companies, including Pacific Power in Oregon, there are some very serious issues to be concerned about in raising our electromagnetic exposure, especially when multiple sources are taken into consideration. We have the capacity to minimize our Wi-Fi exposure at home by minimizing or eliminating cell phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens, computers, and other wireless appliances, but with a smart meter beaming out 24/7 this option is taken away from us, often without our awareness.

Many communities in America have banned smart meters because of health concerns. In response, the electrical companies in Oregon (specifically Pacific Power) are gearing up to do a major roll out over the next year. Many corporations and individuals will make a lot of money from this roll out, but consumers won’t be among them because, typically, the cost of electricity goes up significantly after smart meter installation. Billionaires and the wealthy companies that sell this technology are very difficult to counter, and the propaganda they put forth is incredible.

However, if you look for it you will find massive amounts of information on the Internet (and elsewhere) to educate the public on the downside of microwave radiation technology. Eventually, I believe, some sort of action/education coalition in Southern Oregon will be needed to stop this assault on our health, liberty, and well being.